Yoga is an exercise that helps improve human health and spirit. Unlike the gym or many other exercises, Yoga promotes the inner strength of each person. Today, this type of Indian origin is gradually becoming popular in many countries around the world.

Effects of Yoga Mats

Yoga mats are one of the indispensable tools for those who love this subject. Choosing a quality exercise mat will make your workout more convenient and easier. So, currently on the market of our country, which type of yoga mat is good? Check out the information below for details!

What are the benefits of yoga mats?


In most yoga exercises, the body is in contact with the floor a lot. Therefore, to keep it clean, you must have an exercise mat. Especially when the practitioner’s body always sweats, contact with dirty floors will be very unhygienic and affect health.


With movements that require the use of knees and elbows as supports, this use of the exercise mat will be evident. When the whole body’s gravity is focused on the above two parts and they are in contact with the hard floor, it will be very painful and cannot be maintained for long. Therefore, with a certain softness, the exercise mat will help the practitioner overcome this.

Helps balance

In Yoga, there are many exercises that require you to keep a good balance. In cases where you stand on one leg, your hands become gravity to support your body or your body leans forward… the rough surface of Yoga will help you prevent slipping and keep your body steady, avoiding falling.
How to choose a yoga mat

Based on Yoga mat material

When choosing a yoga mat, according to trainers, the first factor you should pay attention to is the material that makes up the product. Because this is an important determinant of the quality of the exercise mat.

On the market in our country today, there are 3 types of materials most used to produce yoga mats. These are TPE, PVC, and NBR. In addition, there are also types of exercise mats made of cloth, leather, or jute, but not very popular.

Which material yoga mat should I choose?

As you can see, yoga mats made of PVC, TPE, or NBR have their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, when choosing, you should depend on your needs and conditions to be able to choose the most suitable product.

Yoga mats made of PVC material are cheap, but in return, they are not durable. Therefore, suitable for those who have no economic capacity, want to save money or want to try Yoga to see if it is suitable, the time to practice Yoga is not regular.

For the type of yoga mat made of TPE material, although it is expensive, it has good elasticity and long use time. Therefore, it is suitable for those who have practiced Yoga for a long time and want to pursue this type of practice.

As for Yoga mats made from NBR material, because of their thick characteristics, they are suitable for practitioners who are suffering from back pain and knee pain. On the other hand, with good floor insulation, they are also suitable for winter use. When the floor temperature is too cold, you do not want to affect your health, this is a good solution for you.

Based on the size of the yoga mat

Choosing a yoga mat according to the size criteria means that you choose the product that is suitable for the length and width of your body. So that, when practicing yoga movements, your whole body will fit in the mat. Specifically, choose a rug whose length should not be shorter than your height. Besides, the width of the mat should not be narrower than your shoulder length.

According to yoga instructors, for those with a height of less than 1m70, you should choose a training mat with dimensions of 173 cm x 61 cm. With this type of mat, you are completely free to perform movements without fear of excess body parts out. Besides, with this site, you are also convenient and easy to bring to class, travel, or vacation.

Conversely, for those of you with a height of 1m70 to 1m80, you should choose a training mat with the remaining size: 183 cm x 61 cm. If taller than 1m80, you should choose to buy international carpets or you can order according to your measurements.
With the above sharing, hope to help you find a suitable and suitable type of yoga mat. If you have any other questions about the product, please leave them in the comment box below, we will answer them for you!

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