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Also, I'm fine with colored environments. If they are inventive. I love the cyberpunk genre and its own aesthetic as associated with Blade Runner, of a town of terrible weather or snow, but filled with dark shadows mixed and contrasted by the brightly colored corporate advertisements and neon signs that call your attention. RAGE 2 does color pretty nicely, IMO. Far Cry New Dawn does it very badly, however, the game looks fantastic either way. Metro Exodus retains its identity and air by producing meticulous surroundings despite more color found, while also using the cold and colorless environments as well, but all in beautiful looks.

The matter is, It is kinda weird to whining that The Division 2 looks exactly like the first one since I could kinda understand that because it is a match collection. It's like complaining about all Assassins creed looks exactly the same but the thing is, Assassins creed have crazy character changes, Story, Missions, Movements etc . From the division 2 the very first thing I thought of was" It seems just like the first one" I played every assassins creed sport and I never felt this way. I feel town like and like they all did was changing the environment. I was really excited and nearly pre ordered this game, Only saved 60$. And what the fuck is that surroundings? It looks like hes playing the bottom quality I swear. . .You can't even find the end of the road Like, It actually takes me to realize whats around him and that just becomes clear when he gets near the texture. Very unsatisfactory.

I remember being hyped for the Division 1 prior to release(especially for the dark zone) and being underwhelmed when the game really came. I would spend hours a day going through forums and watching trailer investigation movies, but being so underwhelmed when the game finally released I did not even purchase it and stopped keeping up with it almost entirely. Does anyone know if the Division 2 is worth looking into??

Skill down is back to his old schtick of bitching about the Division. First off allows say details. That was not a trailer that is terrible. I am sure they will address Faye's freedom in the game as it's so important to the storyline?. You would not have a channel . Why make such a divisive comment with all these people who originally bought the Division 1 to the fence about purchasing this game? I really don't know about you but I want the best for The Division 2 Boosting this franchise and I want all of the first players to come back so we could have a great player base .
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