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Nearly everything about the game, from the way that it handles difficulty to ensuring every component of baseball feels dynamic, is managed carefully and is the result of many years of hard work coming together. That amount of gloss makes it even more jarring that Sony has failed to find the internet working shortly after so many iterations of the yearly series. It very well might be the best baseball game ever created, but it has to come with a huge asterisk right now.

There is an innate, undeniable satisfaction that comes out of clattering a ball with a foreign thing -- be it a cricket bat, tennis racket, hockey stick or, of course, the long, rounded figure of a baseball bat. That'thwack', that feeling of near-weightlessness that accompanies the ideal attack, it triggers something deep in our DNA, something which can be rationalised as simply as the action of scoring points or runs.

MLB The Show has been the premiere baseball game for a long time now, which sense of gratification hasn't been recreated more reliably than it is here. Obviously, whiffing and missing completely is a disheartening experience for all, but a clipped foul ball or tame strike into the turf feels disappointing. But when the middle of the bat connects with the middle of the ball, it is like poetry.

Baseball as a game captures that moment greater than some, as the entire congregation of MLB The Show 19 officials and players simply stop to respect the moment, all powerless to stop the inevitable. The home run.

If you have played with a current submission in this series before, you know what to anticipate. Rather, it's an evolutionary update to a series that's so far ahead of the competition, there's no competition any more. Get out on the area and you are presented with an overwhelming quantity of choice in control and detail, but a new MLB The Show 19 player to the show and sport can pick the basic hitting, pitching and fielding systems and get into the action.

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