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Things can change in the mid or late game as more passive abilities unlock, but at the opening couple of hours these factors combine to modify the flow of combat quite a bit.In the first The Division it was fairly easy for me to post up on one side of an environment and push through to the other, making lateral moves from cover to cover because I moved. This time around the enemies have discovered ways to sneak around and flank me. As a consequence, I am forcing myself to move faster and more purposefully than ever before.

One feature I've been playing today is known as"parkour mode" It cuts down on the stickiness of cover by earning your character automatically vault over low obstacles if they're running.

Weapons feel more defined now around. Both worked well at either long or moderate selection. At The Division 2 -- at least on PlayStation 4, where I have spent the majority of my time -- aiming feels a whole lot less tacky. This means scout rifles are actually only effective for poking at stationary goals behind cover.Meanwhile, shotguns have been radically improved.

A semi automatic version, so long as it is at a suitable level, is hands down the best way to deal with enemies up close. Where this leaves submachine guns, that were effectively uber-weapons in the previous game, I am simply not sure.

Another big issue in my mind is the role of light machine guns. In The Division, they were practically worthless. So far at The Division 2 I have been pleased with their ability to curb enemies. As soon as you've obtained them zeroed in, it only takes a few short bursts to fix somebody set up, down them and showing that the term"suppressed" in bright white letters over their head. But really doing harm with them has proven extremely difficult.

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