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<p><br />Why is it so tough to make it seem as real as possible? So far as in game advancements how about we start little, can you AT LEAST substituted the AWFUL COMMENTARY? Then you can work up to things like custom stadiums and players from my favorite era! Possibly classic teams like the Yankees of the 90 or my personal favorite'04 Red Sox! I won't go into the remainder (like adding more emotions to gamers to make it more enjoyable or player likenesses). We had a fantastic run and hopefully someday soon you may actually give a shit about what the paying consumers like me want to do something about it, until then I will keep playing my older better versions!<br /><br />It's underwhelming and very unsatisfactory along with the lovers of MLB The Show 19 deserve greater than what SDS is currently providing us. We asked for arena creator and they did not give us and I will give it a pass as it's a big feature, but they didn't even incorporate online franchise either. RTTS looks like they added some distinct animations and a new background but it has the same archetype attributes which individuals have a problem with including me. It takes way too long to get to the Bigs and the updating is awful. I was hoping that they could bring back training points and keep archetypes so we have caps at certain features but we still get to upgrade faster.<br /><br />Diamond Dynasty hasn't changed much either but they did include. Besides that they added is a few more fixes and animations in the means of hitting and the dynamics of it. I will still be enjoying MLB the show 16 or 17 which were well designed in comparison with these. Not buying a 60 update. Hopefully SDS will create MLB the Show 20 and will blow people away with fresh attributes and not just slightly tweaked features and new animations. Animations are cool, yes. But they shouldn't be all we have to look forward to in a sport.<br />MORE IN :</p>
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