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ESB Gold is calling me that the retard yet you can't even use the right"there"? LMAO, you really are a dumbshit, are not you? BTW the proper"there" you should have used is"they are" as in they are put together. Not only do you not have any argument, what you are saying makes no sense, AND you can not even do something as straightforward as spell correctly? Holy fuck do I feel bad for you, you are so dumb you can not even see your dumbshit stupidity. Return to school and find out something before making yourself look like an ignorant, dumb piece of asshat mmkay?

Morally right? Bethesda went and made a MOBILE game themselves ffs. The Elder Scrolls Blades couldn't be more benevolent if they tried, and unlike Fallout Shelter BGS did so rather than hiring out to a lot of theiving canadians, so it actually took time and rThe Elder Scrolls Bladesurces out of the other projects to get this done. You are also ignoring the area as you're a fucking drone, where ITS A MOBILE GAME. They have done nothing morally wrong here, it is fairly evident that once you reach level 18 you are supposed to slow down and be tactful on the way you perform.
When both sides gain from the trade, capitalism is. A F2P game can do that when done properly. That's why games like Warframe and fortnite are successful. They don't have one element. And if you wanna talk about games there's pubg mobile and again fortnite. So this video is real criticism anyone who believes capitalism is ripping people off wants to stop after Communist thieves and actually get educated.
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