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<p><br />Todd can ride the legendary title for such a long time. If he continues on <a href="">ESOM Gold</a>  this course, he'll find nothing but disaster awaiting him once the market is saturated with trash games like these, and Bethesda becomes much less aggressive as a consequence of it. To put it : unless the marketplace develops, the participant base for these types of games is just likely to thin out even farther than it already has. I have faith in Todd vision for the corporation and love Bethesda. I only hope he does not forget his roots and push away the very people that drove Bethesda to the heights it can now afford to take for granted.<br /><br />The fact you believe a mobile game cost tens of thousands to create is outside retarded though. Millions is, although at most a couple hundred thousand. Advertising on social media is actually pretty cheap, that is why you see so many ads for mobile games. The one thing I can justify here is the payment of the devs. Legal material doesnt count with cellular programs (how you are talking of it)? Now, the abomination called ESB is no more Pay-to-win, as you basically need to throw money into stock space AND chests constantly in order to play beyond a particular degree. This is only getting worse as people pay to it and establish Bethesda RIGHT for producing this dreadful decision.To whoever reads this: Should you invest money on microtransactions, you're hurting the gambling business and real players that care about equilibrium and fair business practice have zero respect for you.<br /><br />I only receive a note that says"to ensure a smooth experience for <a href="">The Elder Scrolls Blades Items</a> everyone we are limiting access during the launch period. Make sure notifications are turned on so we can tell you as soon as you can play blade." Of my stuff aren't broken, and have adequate amount of gold and stone. The silver torso is the most common and takes 3 hoursyou shouldn't be speeding it up, you can wait three hoursa golden chest takes 6 hoursunlock it before going to sleep in the morning its receptive. There is no way I can see you using up those jewels except for opening chests that you can await.</p>
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