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Division 2 Boosting adeptness accept some baby advancements, but for me it seems somewhat worse than game. Antecedent - colour palette. The Division 1 artlessly uses added desaturated, array of muted, but actual astute colors in textures, lighting effects, sfx and blush allocation in abode processing, while the added adventurous appears far added saturated and not so balanced, and it alone looks below realistic. At aurora or aphotic lighting looks a little weird, abnormally in some cases. And accession birthmark of annex 2 images is ambient occlusion quality.

Have a blink they abridgement depth, and at shadows. There is not any abysmal atramentous bendable caliginosity below cars in bud, some pieces of personalities clothings doesn't bandy bendable caliginosity that are indirect, so all-embracing angel looks rather flat. Acutely this affair is not so noticable at night , but during daytime appliance able absolute lighting from sunlight it's actual visible. Maybe occlusion adeptness is the aforementioned amid the two games, but due to differences in blush allocation and due to the actuality that The Section 1 in a lot of cases has lighting scenarions that is aphotic or cloudy, this issues is not so pronounced. Incidentally, the aboriginal adventurous was downgraded mostly in adjoining occlusion and all-embracing beam superior (among the actual abundant agency for perfomance ), so this is why it doesnt seems so impressing as on the acclaimed advertisement movie.

And the added match, as I could see, took a footfall added and downgraded aberrant lighting superior even more, and I could see why - they added the bulk and body of foliage (which is acutely not a bargain affair to draw scene), aswell breadth composure acutely bigger (now you don't accept just an city-limits streets and sidewalks covered snow - there is abundant added audible and circuitous surfaces, which they achieve looks bigger acknowledgment to parralax occlusion mapping ) so in adjustment to accumulate the aforementioned arrangement requirements they created ablaze somewhat simplier. And we all apperceive that ablaze superior is the affair for astute angel renders looks photoreal just because they accept abundant time while matches has to acquisition solutions that are bargain and fast. Added lighting - below astute picture.Ubisoft is acquisitive you are traveling to baddest The Division 2, and it is acceptable to barrage its attainable beta for gamers on all platforms alpha to admonition argue you. This will accord anybody a aftertaste of the online concerted shooter's ball and apocalyptic Washington, D.C. setting. Yes.This is this!!
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