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ESB Gold was the only Bethesda statement from E3 2018 that kinda sorta interested me (I'm interested in Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI, however they're up to now out that they aren't worth any sin yet imo.) My expectations were pretty low then, and are extremely low now. As I did with Fallout Shelter, I will probably wait until they develop a PC version before I actually try it. Telephones are simply too figity for my fat fingers and aging eyes.All The Elder Scrolls Blades are like this. I have played heaps for free then should I like it I may drop 30 bucks on a game but more. Most if the time that I find I get most of my pleasure from games like this from the grind as soon as you get the end gear it gets boring. The main thing is are The Elder Scrolls Blades loops enjoyable or not. The money is meh and only for impatient people I am sure.

Everybody's hating on Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls Blades, but I believe that's only as they're not the target audience or they refuse to provide The Elder Scrolls Blades a opportunity. Perhaps you have forgotten about Fallout Shelter? Sure, it may have been a portable game, but it had been quite a good game for what it was attempting to accomplish. Obviously it was finally moved over to PC, but that wasn't until considerably later. Are fine with this? I expect they all have phones, since there will not be much point in owning a console or PC at the speed.

This problem seems rough to The Elder Scrolls Blades. They make The Elder Scrolls Bladess so grindy they can monetize approaches to go around it. This happens a lot with games console and PC, also, and it's a problem that has to be dealt with. Bethesda seems intent on nose-diving into the floor as hard as it can, and it's sad to find franchises such as Elder Scrolls and Fallout neglect to monetization such as this.I do not understand getting so upset about loot boxes and stuff like this, even at total price games. Provided that you can get the entire experience without them, who actually cares? I'd be pissed if my kids spent all my money on these, but as anybody who grew up in the 80's if the onslaught of 1-900 numbers emerged, that's not a new thing. My parents were pretty pissed when we got ahold of the joke-line, or even the scary story number... Yes.This is this!!
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