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You might point to pay to win pay or practices to skip grind practices. In the instances people buy those services to be in participating in it workable, either to get there in the first place or to do the content. You buy the op characters to play , not to WoW Classic to play itself, you also purchase the op weapons to play together to not simply own them and you definetly don't bypass difficult grinds to not play what's in the end of it to get to the good parts. By definition buying raid runs is bypassing content to do nothing, possibly you fork over enough to get a few really excellent things, but also you as a casual will utilize them for nothing as you will not raid still without paying for it, you will not succeed in the unbalanced PvP without moving hardcore and world articles apart from grinds for gear worse than you paid for is nearly non existant.

In the modern game it makes far more sense, as achievments have direct price, purchasing a +10 guarantees a 410 thing, higher equipment is much more relevant to casuals due to casual material amounts and pvp brackets existing).People can locate their own fun in Classic as casuals(leveling dungeons, twinking, farming actual world upgrades slowly, trying to do wpvp in lower level zones) but paying for raid carries is not enjoyable, and doesn't lead to fun barring the many loot whoriest people. This isn't MY opinion, but I dare you to find real vanilla players that paid for a raid return in the afternoon and found it enjoyable (hint, you can just watch a movie of itat least the man in your screen is gonna be really donating.) ?<br /><br />Stupid way to initiate a sentence btw coming from someone who says I must"learn to read". You don't start your comment with a AND btw. And I quote"The only real way casuals are probably gonna experience anything but MC is if guilds are well targeted and can kill them easily down a lot of individuals, at which stage they will drain the gold reserves of casuals empty for some boss kills, trading them some of those useless items for an extra cost (I expect them to get a wonderful little JPEG ready with their costs for each individual item they are eager to sell in case it drops)"is not a point of contention as to how casuals could enjoy WoW Classic. Its like you do not even know what it is you're talking about and are only shilling out as much bad news as possible to try to seem as if you have a point.

Im sorry dude but nothing you said here is really a drawback or even reality. And I already gave you two examples of men and women who had fun and paid for post content. That reveals how little you have to say although again you can attempt to insult me. But stoop to your level since you can't help I wont even attempt. You're just a person that is mad clearly and cant hold a conversation without attempting to put yourself above the other person. You really ought to seek some instruction as you do not even understand what your purpose is and you are working to put a negative to the context of my comment which is based around the reality casuals have access to all kinds of articles and are equally as capable of having fun. Your entire schpeel about the modern game using it will not help your point and isn't the debate.

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