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<p><br />Are subscriptions here to remain? With the change to Oldschool Runescape, and Jagex's recent move to implement a small number of microtransactions from the sport, one must wonder if the business is likely to stick to the game industry trend of killing off subscriptions in favour of large-scale microtransactions. Gerhard assures me that this is never likely to happen with RuneScape. "We have introduced some microtransactions into RuneScape, but only cosmetic items and some tools that can help you somewhat literary," he states. "Yes, there is a strong movement in the industry towards free-to-play, but I really don't think necessarily running with the pack is obviously the right thing," he continues.<br /><br /><br />"I think we just need to go around the idea that you don't need to eat it all. Yes it's a buffet, but you do not need to consume everything. Just eat the things you prefer." To an outsider, it would seem that Oldschool Runescape is a brand-new game, but this is far from the truth.In reality, Oldschool Runescape isn't a new sport, but rather a huge upgrade to the game that switches it on to HTML5 out of Java, allowing for boosted visuals and a much better draw distance. It also adds in a new, more effective audio engine, upgrades the UI radically, and tinkers in various different aspects too.<br /><br />The main game itself, however, stays the specific same, by the characters into the game world to the gameplay features -- but the average consumer would need to do a little digging to discover this actuality. As you might expect, making Oldschool Runescape vaguely outside to be a brand new game rather than an update was deliberate. "Each week we're putting out new content and major updates, but regrettably it means you never really have a big event to shout about," explains Gerhard. "If someone was supposed to play the game today versus six months ago, it's radically different -- but we don't get that tent-pole event"</p>
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