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At first presented in April 2019, the Esports Shop offered players things from 11 unique associations Some were eminently absent, while others were included their own sometime in the not too distant future, for example, SpaceStation Gaming and Complexity. The last was expelled from the revolution with this update after they consigned from RLCS and therefore discharged their list. Splyce and Evil Geniuses are different losses.

An eminent nonappearance is that of FC Barcelona, whom many have been sitting tight for since first experience with the RLCS. Lamentably, it appears that the unbelievable football club from Spain has not yet gone to a concurrence with Psyonix Parisian football club PSG hoped to have confronted comparable issues before the list left the association a year ago. The skin for PSG existed in the game records yet never came around. The equivalent can almost certainly be said for AS Monaco.
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