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<p>Current Content Examples<br />Crucible of Storms provides a good example of the two fight archetypes that often tend to push melee out, with each of the encounters mirroring the issues that either Uldir (in this case Uu’nat) or Battle of Dazar’alor (which is represented by The Restless Cabal) presented:<br />Uldir and Uu’nat<br />A lot of the Uldir encounters that were most oppressive for melee share the same issue as Uu’nat - very heavy positional and spacing requirements that restrict the space around the boss, despite being in a very large area. The boss arena is given this space to allow for room to deal with these mechanics, but only the ranged component of a raid can capitalise on this, melee are strictly limited to the space around the boss hitbox. Unstable Resonance mirrors the same kind of spatial issues that Malodorous Miasma on Fetid Devourer, Oblivion Sphere on Mythrax and lastly Wave of Corruption on G'huun did: each extra melee you have exponentially increased the difficulty of navigating this hitbox and staying active on the boss while also remaining safe. That kind of increasing difficulty and reduction of space makes any extra melee - no matter the skill level - a liability to the others in the area.<br />Battle of Dazar’alor and The Restless Cabal<br />Cabal on the other hand has parallels with a lot of the things that hurt melee in Battle of Dazar’alor - that of damage efficiency. On any fight that has a large arena combined with important targets to be dealt and mechanics that force you out of range, <a href="">wow classic gold</a> melee will always have an issue with uptime. Certain specific mechanics force melee players into specific places often out of range of the boss or important targets for a set time to allow for them to expire ( Crushing Doubt forcing you far out on Cabal, Kimbul's Wrath forcing a spread outside of melee range on Conclave, or Sea Swell forcing melee to stay stacked in a spot to conserve room on Stormwall) further exacerbating the output gap. That higher ceiling for efficient DPS emphasises the gap in output between Ranged and Melee potential, and given that a number of later BoD fights and Cabal specifically had a heavy focus on efficient damage, this pushed melee out of many compositions very quickly. Cabal in particular also presented the new downside of melee being the worse option to deal with frequent high priority interrupts for a crucial encounter mechanic, <a href="">buy wow vanilla gold</a> despite them traditionally being the ideal choice to use, diluting one of the last vestiges of melee priority.</p>
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