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<p>We uncovered this news while browsing LinkedIn, specifically through the restart of Nathan Richardsson, that recently became Executive Producer on this particular project. Richardsson is an industry veteran, to say the very least. He is mostly known for his over seven years long stint in CCP Games, where he worked first as Senior Producer and as Executive Producer on EVE Online. Then he jumped to Trion Worlds as Vice President of Development and Executive Producer on Defiance.  The very brief description only mentions this new RuneScape is going to be an'action RPG', implying it might have action based combat instead of the traditional combat system of the existing MMO. This may also hint at a console launch, where action based matches are prevalent, and this is a first for the Cambridge based developer. Nevertheless, we'd be surprised if this project did not have plenty of MMO-like attributes, also. First of all, that is the genre both Richardsson and Jagex as a company are most familiar with. Second, in May 2017 Jagex announced a partnership with Improbable to utilize the cloud-powered SpatialOS technologies in'future growth projects', also SpatialOS really only makes sense to be utilised in large-scale online games. Last but not least, CEO Phil Mansell admitted in an interview published by GamesIndustry before this season the studio is indeed working on a'next-generation MMO', although of coursewe don't know whether it's the same project.It might be a while before we get an official announcement and Buy Rs gold, but it is definitely an exciting prospect for RuneScape fans to anticipate. This is everything you need to know about how to acquire slayer points in Old School RuneScape.Much like the Goonies, RuneScape never expires, as Old School RuneScape is an specific copy of this treasured 2001 game. The name has witnessed plenty of contemporary upgrades since launch in 2013, with motor enhancements, new content, and quality of life spots being implemented.With those modern improvements come more accessibility and data as well. Furthermore, you can rely on Twinfinite for helpful guides to get you through parts of RuneScape that are stumping you.</p>
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