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Terms & Agreements

Booktropolous Social is a support site for, an online ebook store. It's purpose is to support readers, writers/authors, editors, bloggers, and anyone involved in the publishing, marketing, writing, or promotion of books. We have very simple rules in this environment, which all revolve around professionalism. We don't want to block, hinder, or limit this community, because we believe in freedom of speech, which is exactly what empowers authors.

Core Beliefs
The few things we do not tolerate is bulling, harassment of any kind, or deliberate assaults or attacks towards people in this community. Break that rule, and you will get one warning and one warning only.

**Spamming also will not be tollerated.  Anyone who spams is immediately banned.

We want this environment to be as supportive as it can be, taking into account the extremely hard work and effort authors put into their creations. This also is not a pornography website, so we appreciate not having pornographic imagery posted on the site as well, simply out of respect for our younger readers/authors. This is not to say that we disagree with any risque book covers, we have no problem with those. Our issue is overt pornography. Again, not because we have anything against pornography, we are sensitive to our younger audience. We appreciate your understanding with this topic.

We also do NOT support or tolerate any hate groups, terrorist activity, plots or plans to hurt or harm any human being/animals, child pornography/child abuse, rape, or illegal activity to be listed or promoted on the site.

eBook Piracy.  We do NOT condone or support the stealing/pirating of ebooks on Booktropolous Social.  If we find this activity, we will immediately close the account, and report all activity (IP activity, all tracking information) to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and hosting company.  We take this activity seriously and will make every effort to combat the piracy of ebooks.

All internet reporting is tracked. So, when in doubt, think about the effect of your content, and take a pause. All we ask is that you be supportive and have fun!

Thank you and enjoy!

-Admin, Booktropolous Social (Booktropolous LLC)

*We reserve the right to update our rules and regulations at will. It is the responsibility of the user to adhere to all changes.

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