Victor JETSPEED 12 badminton racket with relative rigidity and modern technology enhances control, adapts to a comprehensive defensive play. A new speed racket designed with the advanced Epoxy Resin System (TERS), JS-12 with a rigid frame and resilient shaft. Allows easy control of the bridge and delivers powerful shots, suitable for those trying to hit fast.

Victor JETSPEED 12 has a medium stiffness body, medium weight racquet weight is a well-balanced racquet, so it is suitable for all-round defensive play, a style of play that uses techniques to wear down the opponent’s endurance.

The Victor JETSPEED 12 badminton racquet feels comfortable in the hand, fits well, and is solid, every swing has a stable demand curve and very effective attacks, very stable defense.

The most prominent is the color on the racket, designed with matte black and neon green tones. Neon blue inner bezel and cap, black T-joint. Especially in the middle of the Victor JetsPEED 12 high-end badminton racket frame, there is a silver color that brightens the racket frame even more. The racket is suitable for professional, semi-professional, and experienced players. View more posts: best badminton racket brands 2022

Specifications of the genuine Victor JetsPEED 12″ badminton racket

  • Hardness: Medium Hard
  • Frame: High Resilient Modulus Graphite + TERS + HARD CORED TECHNOLOGY.
  • Shaft: High Resilient Modulus Graphite + PYROFIL + TERS + 6.8 SHAFT.
  • Weight: 3U
  • Grip circumference: G5
  • Maximum tension: ≤ 30 lbs (13.5Kg)
  • Equilibrium point: Approx. 295mm
  • Color: Navy Green.
  • Genuine Victor JETSPEED 12 badminton racket made in Taiwan

Technology applied to Victor JetsPEED 12″ high-end badminton racket

  • NANO-TEC: Evenly distributes nano-sized particles in the spaces between the carbon fiber bundles, which increases the overall stiffness of the carbon composites and reduces frame distortion on the Victor Jetspeed premium badminton racket twelfth.
  • SEVEN-SIX76: The structure of the gene holes is produced in a single form, reducing the friction between the gene holes, which helps to increase the using time of the gene holes.
  • AERO-SWORD: A new face structure technology incorporated on the Victor JETSPEED 12 badminton racquet. Significantly reduces air resistance resulting in an increase of 12.5% ​​resilience and 4.96% absorption. Shock absorption makes your processing speed increase significantly.
  • NANOTUBE: helps to increase bending force compared to conventional graphite. With the above feature, Victor has made his product lighter and more flexible, and cheap and the best badminton shoes 2022.
  • Hard Cored Technology: Inspired by military helicopter’s multi-layer construction made of carbon fiber and composites, minimizing material size, enhancing handling feel and performance to a standard important.

Objects suitable for Victor Jetspeed 12″ badminton racket

The Victor Jetspeed 12 badminton racket is suitable for people with average, strong wrist strength, professional, semi-professional and experienced players.

Suitable for people with a slightly balanced playstyle, who like to smash the bridge to attack suddenly. Especially with the fast knocking, cross-court smashing, making your opponent immobile.

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