Badminton is very easy to learn but difficult to master, anyone can participate. If you want to play more pro, you must have a good investment, especially hard work. Hard work is not only working hard to hit the shuttlecock but also being active in the learning experience and improving physical strength. Here are some experiences I share with new badminton players.

About fitness

This is the most important problem, if you hit the right one but your physical strength is poor, you will soon “lose yourself” because it will quickly become dizzy when the opponent pulls the corner, skips it, etc.

Basic strength training is running, weight training, abs.


Racquets don’t really have to be expensive, but “relatively” a bit, with a “priced” racket will make you more confident and will be inspired to play better. The most expensive racquet of the racket can be up to $ 1000, but it will not be necessary to spend such a large amount of money when starting to play badminton or playing amateur unless you really have financial conditions, a racket over and under $100 is enough. If you are interested in badminton rackets, please see the review article badminton rackets for beginner 2021

Parameters on the racket:

  • U: The higher the U parameter, the lighter the racket
  • G: the higher the G parameter, the smaller the racquet handle

Racquets have many types, head heavy, headlight, balance

  • Light head (headlight): suitable for technical players (remove small, cut bridges …)
  • Head heavy: suitable for those who like smashing.
  • Balance: This type of folk is often called a comprehensive craft

Yonex’s racquet has a rather stiff frame, so if you have weak hands, you should not choose this racket.

Badminton racket tension string: Normally, to hit the best, the net will be replaced when it is callused (no longer elastic) although not broken, the replacement cycle is about 2 months depending on how much you play.


There are many types, so choose the one that is able to absorb sweat. You should choose to buy some to use in the process of using the badminton racket, it will help you avoid slipping the badminton racket from your hand. The law of badminton has changed a lot, if you are interested in it, please see this article of mine what are the dimensions of a badminton courts

Clothes and clothes

It doesn’t matter, depending on your preferences, you should choose a type made of poly material so that when there is sweat, it does not stick to the body like cotton is very uncomfortable.


Importantly, you should choose shoes specifically for badminton – shoes with yellow rubber soles, you can use tennis shoes to play. Some popular shoe brands: Yonex, Kawasaki, Victor, Asia…
In addition, in the tool bag, there should be a few shirts to change, a towel to absorb sweat …


Above are the most necessary items for you to start playing badminton. I hope you have prepared enough of the things I mentioned above and started your journey to discover badminton. Good luck!

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